Connaissez-vous le dentiste des océans?

Have you heard of the ocean dentist?

Have you heard of the cleaner wrasse?

This small fish, whose real name is Labroides dimidiatus and whose size does not exceed ten centimeters, has made a contract with large fish such as sharks and moray eels. It acts as a dentist for these large fish. Feeding on the remains of their feast, and eats the parasites or algae that settle on the fish's teeth, thus benefiting from a free meal.

In the middle of the reefs, the cleaner wrasse has created meeting points. Large fish come up with their mouths open and spread their fins to let these care experts inspect their mouths and gills. The cleaner wrasse does not hesitate to dive into the mouths of sharks or moray eels to clean their teeth.

With its elongated body, the cleaner wrasse can be recognised by the wide black stripe running lengthways across its flank and eye, while its back and belly are white.

As dental experts concerned about preserving the seabed, we felt that this little fish was the perfect emblem to represent our Berninox brand.

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