Quelle dureté de filaments me convient?

What bristle hardness is suitable for me?

The choice of bristle hardness is very personal and depends on your teeth, gums, and sensitivity.

You might think that toothbrushes with hard bristles clean better, but in reality they damage tooth enamel and weaken gums. So a soft toothbrush is often the best choice when it comes to caring for your teeth gently.
However, for those who prefer a firmer cleaning sensation, we recommend Berninox medium heads, which have also been designed to protect your gums.
For particularly sensitive gums, such as those of pregnant women, people who have undergone dental surgery, suffer from periodontitis, or simply because of natural sensitivity, opt for the super soft bristles. This option prevents bleeding and offers a gentler, more comfortable experience for your mouth.

Berninox interdental bristles are cone-shaped, which means they effectively clean the interdental spaces and gum line while remaining soft and gentle on the gums. These bristles are a new generation made from recycled material (rPBT) from PET bottles (56%). We chose these bristles because they are both soft and resistant, unlike alternatives made from castor oil that tend to wear out prematurely.

An outer crown of gingival bristles made of medical-grade elastomer (TPE) provides additional softness, ideal for sensitive gums, and helps reduce stains on your tooth enamel.

All our bristles are of premium quality and have been tested and approved by dentists. For optimal hygiene, Berninox toothbrush heads can be washed in the dishwasher. Made in Switzerland.


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  • Medium

    Our recommendation: For healthy teeth and gums

    Combination of 3 bristles types:

    • Transparent medium interdental bristles (0.20mm), relatively firm for effective plaque removal.
    • Soft white interdental bristles (0.18mm) to avoid irritating the gums.
    • Medical-grade elastomer (TPE) bristles to "erase" staining and protect the gums.
  • Soft

    Our recommendation: Soft: For slightly sensitive teeth and gums.

    Combination of 3 bristles types

    • Soft white interdental bristles (0.18mm) for gentle yet effective plaque removal.
    • A small line of transparent medium interdental bristles (0.20mm) that contribute to thorough plaque removal.
    • Medical-grade elastomer (TPE) bristles to "erase" staining and protect the gums.
  • Super Soft

    Our recommendation: For very sensitive teeth and gums.

    Combination of 2 bristles types

    • Super soft white interdental bristles (0.15mm) for very gentle yet effective plaque removal.
    • Medical-grade elastomer (TPE) bristles to "erase" staining and protect the gums.

As the choice is highly individual, if you still have any doubts,
discuss it with your dentist
to determine which hardness would be most suitable for your situation.