Qu'est-ce que l'acier inoxydable chirurgical 316L?

What is 316L surgical steel?

Used in the medical and Swiss watchmaking industries, 316L stainless steel is a top-of-the-range alloy.

316L stainless steel is frequently used in the manufacture of surgical instruments, implants and medical devices. Its hypoallergenic properties and resistance to corrosion make it a safe and reliable material.

It is also often used in the manufacture of high-end watch cases. Its highly polished finish and ability to maintain its lustre make it a popular choice for luxury watches. 316L stainless steel also offers great durability, which is essential for your Berninox toothbrush handle.

We chose this alloy for its durability, recyclability and hygienic properties. Today, 316L stainless steel is one of the best alternatives to plastic, offering longevity as well as being infinitely recyclable. To manufacture the Berninox handle, we work with a Swiss partner specialised in medical tools.

In more detail: 316L steel is a type of austenitic stainless steel with a carbon content of no more than 0.02%.

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