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Berninox 316 starter pack iceberg green

Berninox 316 starter pack iceberg green

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bleu océan       vert iceberg validé       rouge corail    


  • Developed with dental experts
  • 8x less plastic
  • Combination of 2 bristles for effective brushing
  • Durable 316L surgical stainless steel handle
  • Replaceable brush made from recycled plastic 
  • Contributes to the reduction of ocean-bound plastic
  • Entirely dishwasher safe
  • Designed and manufactured in Switzerland
Don't forget to choose from our 3 toothbrush bristle types!

interdental filaments  gingival filaments  Inox 316L recycled plastic ocean bound plastic  dishwasher safe  Swiss Made 
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Your starter pack contains

  • 1 x 316L surgical stainless steel handle with 1 recycled plastic toothbrush head
  • 3 additional toothbrush heads

Advice on use and care

Before each brushing session, make sure the head is properly clipped on. Regularly wash the head and handle separately. To ensure incomporable hygiene, your Berninox toothbrush handle has been designed to be dishwasher safe (max wash cycle 70°C).
For efficient brushing, the FDI (World Dental Federation) recommends replacing your toothbrush head every 3 months.
This product is not suitable for people under the age of 14 or those who need help brushing their teeth. The handle material is extremely longlasting and repairable. If your handle gets damaged, please contact our after-sales service in the about/contact tab.

When should I change my Berninox toothbrush head?

As a general rule, the FDI (World Dental Federation) recommends replacing your toothbrush every 3 months. However, the life of a toothbrush also depends on your brushing habits: if you are a more vigorous user, the bristles will wear out more quickly. When they start to bend, brushing becomes less effective, so it is advisable to replace your toothbrush at this point. With your Berninox you keep the handle and only replace your toothbrush head. Washing your toothbrush regularly will help maintain good dental hygiene but will not increase the life of your Berninox toothbrush head.

How do I replace my Berninox toothbrush head?

Hold the handle firmly with one hand and pull hard on the head in a straight motion with the other hand.

What should I do with my used toothbrush heads?

A toothbrush head is extremely complicated to recycle. It requires the different materials that forms it to separate; in particular the metal clips that hold the bristles together. In addition, collecting used heads also has a significant CO2 impact due to the transport involved. We therefore recommend that you dispose of your Berninox toothbrush heads in your household waste. They will be incinerated and used to produce energy. At the moment, this is the best recycling solution available with the lowest carbon impact.
  • Medium

    Our recommendation: For healthy teeth and gums

    Combination of 3 bristles types:

    • Transparent medium interdental bristles (0.20mm), relatively firm for effective plaque removal.
    • Soft white interdental bristles (0.18mm) to avoid irritating the gums.
    • Medical-grade elastomer (TPE) bristles to "erase" staining and protect the gums.
  • Soft

    Our recommendation:  For slightly sensitive teeth and gums.

    Combination of 3 bristles types

    • Soft white interdental bristles (0.18mm) for gentle yet effective plaque removal.
    • A small line of transparent medium interdental bristles (0.20mm) that contribute to thorough plaque removal.
    • Medical-grade elastomer (TPE) bristles to "erase" staining and protect the gums.
  • Super Soft

    Our recommendation:  For very sensitive teeth and gums. 

    Combination of 2 bristles types

    • Super soft white interdental bristles (0.15mm) for very gentle yet effective plaque removal.
    • Medical-grade elastomer (TPE) bristles to "erase" staining and protect the gums.
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Berninox 316

8x less plastic

According to the FDI (World Dental Federation), the average toothbrush needs to be replaced every 3 months. The same applies to your Berninox toothbrush, but all you need to replace is the head! Simply pull on it to dislodge it, then insert the new one into the handle until you hear a "CLICK".

High-end bristles

Berninox bristles are made from recycled material (rPBT) from PET bottles (56%). We chose these bristles because they are both soft and resistant, unlike their alternative made from castor oil, which wears out prematurely. An outer crown of medical-grade elastomer bristles provides extra softness, ideal for sensitive gums, and helps reduce stains on your tooth enamel.
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Choose Swiss quality

To offer you a product of high quality with a low carbon footprint, all Berninox toothbrushes are designed, developed and manufactured in Switzerland. The clip system is the subject of an international patent application.

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Ursula H. (Laupen, CH)

nachhaltig und praktisch

Lloyd B. (Berlin, DE)
Großartiges Produkt

Ich bin total zufrieden mit dem Produkt, die Qualität ist hervorragend!
Eine Idee meinerseits wäre noch eine kleine Reisehülle für den Bürstenkopf mitzuliefern, sodass der Bürstenkopf bei Reisen geschützt ist.

Andreas B. (Basel, CH)
Tolle Idee, gute Ausführung mit Potential

Die Bürstenköpfe sind sehr angenehm und die Möglichkeit nur die Köpfe zu ersetzen ist sehr gut. (Wenn auch nicht neu)
Aber die Ausführung von Berninox ist sehr schön gelungen und wirkt ansprechend. Ein Vorschlag zur möglichen Verbesserung wäre, ein geriffelter Griff, denn der Edelstahlgriff ist etwas rutschig in der Haptik. Aber das Gesamtpaket gefällt mir und würde ich wieder kaufen

M.B. (Villargiroud, CH)
Dents bien lisses

Expérience plus que concluante ! Les parties extérieures nettoient super bien les dents ! Pas encore changé de tê donc pas encore changé de "dureté"...Ai recommandé cette brosse à une amie qui l'a aussi adoptée.

Gilles S. (Lausanne, CH)

Bon matériel conforme à sa descriptioon!